Semien Mountain National Park Highlight

Views from Imet Gogo, Semien Mountain

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Central longitude/latitude locater: N13° 10 E38° 10

Natural Attributes

Total Area: 179km2; Land: 179km2; Water:0km2
Altitude Range: 1,900-4,430m ASL
Rainfall-mean annual total: 1,550mm; Period(s): May-Oct
Temperature range: Minimum: -2.5-4°c; Maximum:11.5-18°c
Vegetation Types: Afro-alpine formations, high mountain vegetation, montane savanna
Ecological Zone: West highlands
Major River Catchment basin: Atbara
Major Wildlife Species Conserved: Walia Ibex, Simien Jackal, Gelada Baboon
Other Animal Species: Klipspringer, Grey Duicker, Anubis, Hamadryas, Guereza
Number of mammal species recorded:21; Endemic:3
Number of bird species recorded: 63; Endemic:7
Major physical/geological features: spectacular mountain scenery and escarpments

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