Semein Mountain National Park

Gelada Baboons, Semien Mountains - Ethiopia

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The Semien Mountain National Park was established in 1962 E.C.

The Semien Mountains, where the Semien Mountain National Park is located is noted for its unique scenic splendor. UNESCO has acknowledged it as a "World Heritage Site".

This park covers an area of 225km2 of highlands at an average elevation of 3000m. The highest peak in the Semien Mountains, Ras Dashen, rising to a height of 4550m, is adjacent to the park.

View of Semien Mountains, February 1965

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The most outstanding species of wildlife found here are the Walia Ibex, the Siemen Fox and Gelada Baboon, which are endemic to Ethiopia. The main bird species are lammergeyer, twany eagle, Egyptian Volture, augur buzzard, thick billed raven, verrauex's eagle, kestrel, ibix, plover and lanner falcons.

The vegetation of this region falls into three categories. Up to a height of 2000m there are some extensive woodlands. Above this forest lie superb grasslands dominated by Giant Lobelias and St. John's wort. In the valleys of the lowland there are extensive forests.

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