Nechisar National Park Highlights

Lake Chamo Wildlife, Nechisar NP

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Central longitude/latitude locater: N6° 00 E37° 45

Natural Attributes:

Total Area: 514km2; Land: 436km2, Water:78km2
Altitude Range: 1,108 - 1, 650m ASL
Rainfall-mean annual total: 880mm; Period(s): Mar-May, Sept- Nov
Temperature range: Minimum: 11.8-13°c; Maximum:15.2-26.8°c
Vegetation types: Savannah
Ecological zone: Rift Valley
Major wildlife species conserved: swayne's harbeest, burchell's zebra
Other animal species: greater kudu, guenther's dikdik, crocodile, hippopotamus, grant's gazelle, anubis baboon, guereza, black-backed jackal, african hunting dog, warthog
Number of mammal species recorded: 37; Endemic: 0
Number of bird species recorded:188; Endemic:2
Major physical/geological features: Lake Abaya and Chamo, Rift Valley escarpment, kulfo groundwater forest, filwoha hot spring

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