Nechsar National Park

Plains zebra

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The Nechisar National Park borders the northern shore of Lake Chamo and southeastern shore of the Lake Abbaya. The main species of wildlife consists of buffalo, hippopotamus, greater kudu, swayne's hartebeest Burchell's zebra, mountain reedbuck, giant's gazelle, waterbuck, warthog, crocodile, cheetah, leopard, lion, klipsringer, colobus monkey, baboons, porcupine and wild dog. Some 95 species of birds also occur here.

Lake Chamo Crocodile, Nechisar NP

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Large herds of Burchells's zebra and Grant's gazelle are fascinating features of the Nechisar plains.

The lakes in this area Chamo and Abbaya are fresh water lakes and are joined by a river. They provide excellent fishing. The common varieties of fish are Nile Perch, Catfish of a large size, Barbus and Labeo.

The vegetation in the park area consists of thick stands for acacia trees and grasslands. The hills surrounding the Nechisar plains are covered with shrubs.

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