Awash National Park

Awash NP

Wildlife in Awash NP

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Awash National Park is the first wildlife conservation area in Ethiopia.

The Awash NP is situated in the awash valley, which is part of the semi-arid regions of the lower Rift Valley. The park extends over an area of 720 km2.

Baisa oryx, soemmerings, gazelle, bushbuck, grevy's zebra, lion, cheetah, greater and lesser kudu, Swayne’s heartbeats, warthog, ostrich, crocodile, leopard, waterbuck, grivet monkey, klipspringer, mountain reedbuck, waterbuck, roak hyrax, dik-dik and hippopotamus are the main species occurring here. The bird species in the park number over 450.

The park is on Addis Ababa-Harar road, some 225 km from Addis Ababa.

The vegetation mostly consists of grasslands, savannah, and wetlands (hot springs) riverine forests along the Awash River, thorn bush and rocky cliffs.

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