Endemic Birds of Ethiopia

White-collared Pigeon

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This is list is not a complete reference by its own to the whole endemic birds in Ethiopia. However, a list of a number of endemic birds is made available for your reference.

Listed by vernacular names

  • Watted Ibis

  • Blue-winged Goose

  • Harwood's Francolin

  • Rouget's Rail

  • Spot-breasted Plover

  • White-Collared Pigeon

  • Yellow-fronted Parrot

Black-winged Lovebird

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Following is also a continuation of endemic birds of Ethiopia. You might come accross birds at any plcae in Ethiopia. If you have pictorial guide of Ethiopian birds, which you can find at book stores, it will be easy for you to identify the birds you come across.

  • Black-winged Lovebird

  • Prince Ruspoli's Turaco

  • Banded Barbet

  • Golden-backed woodpecker

  • Degodi Lark

  • Sidamo Long-clawd Lark

  • White-tailed Shallow

  • Abyssinian Long claw

  • White-winged Cliff-chat

  • Ruppell's Chat

White-winged Cliff-chat

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What some people like about birds can be the colors of the feather, or their size while others could be attracted to birds for their melodious chantting. There is a bird called White-winged Cliff-chat, which you can imagine from its name that it is a chat bird.

  • Abyssinian Catbird

  • White-backed Black Tit

  • Black-headed Forest Oriole

  • Stresemann's Bush Crow

  • Thick-billed Raven

  • White-billed Starling

  • Yellow-throated Seed-eater

  • Black-headed Siskin

  • Ankober Seed-eater

  • Salvadori's Seed-eater

  • White-throated Seed-eater

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