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Pelicans at Lake Tana

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The Rift Valley Lakes are home to over 300 species of colorful birds.

The Rift Valley as it stretches towards Shashemene town it passes a chain of lakes. Of these lakes, Abijata and Shalla are noted for aquatic birdlife.

The most notable of these bird species are the great white pelicans, flamingoes, Egyptian geese, Marabon storks, yellow billed storks, eagles, egrets, herons, ibis and pink backed pelicans.

During the winter months thousands of ducks and waders immigrate to these lakes from the northern hemisphere. The islands of Lake Shalla provide nesting grounds for huge colonies of great white pelicans, sacred birds, cormorants and storks and Lake Abijata provides feed.

To protect the birdlife in this area the Abijata-Shalla Lakes National Park was established. It can be a good place to visit for tourist interested in birdwatching.

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