Traditional Restaurants


Traditional Restaurant

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Ethiopia is rich in tradition and heritage. Traveling to tourist attraction sites truly gives the first-hand experience to the diversity in culture and also ancient civilization in Ethiopia.

As part of Ethiopia's long tradition. There are different cuisines that are typical to Ethiopia. Traditional restaurants serve you with traditional foods and drinks of Ethiopia. It is possible to have different choices, which could be served to vegetarians, fasting foods, tibs, firfir, coffee and more from the traditional menu. Traditional restaurants are preferred places to test injera, shiro wet, kitfo, doro wet and also tej.

Traditional restaurants in different cities are furnished and decorated with traditional and locally made materials. Those restaurants also try to represent historical and natural tourist attraction sites in different ways. This experience can be exemplified at Hibir Traditional Restaurant among others in Addis Ababa.

Entertainment is also part of the Ethiopian tradition. Traditional restaurants are also known for their traditional music and dance performed live. To see this part of Ethiopia's tradition, it will be good to visit the restaurants during the evening.

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