Shopping in Addis Ababa - Souveniers, Shiromeda, Gift items

Souvenir Shop

Souvenir Shop Items

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Artists make different kinds of souveniers from wood, fiber and other materials. Those souveniers are placed for sale at different locations in Addis Ababa. Most frequented shopping area for souveniers is actually at the shops near the Head Post Office on Churchill Street.

There are also different items to choose from in those shops. They also have locally made fabrics, paintings with traditional style, locally made jeweleries and different kinds of apparels, which are good for gift.

Art Gallery

Art Show

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Art Galleries:

Art galleries are also a good place to consider for anyone interested in paintings. There are different art galleries with collection of works from a number of artists. Some art galleries also provide you with comfort of a restaurant and impression of different art works under the same roof. Makush Art Gallery is among the notable Art Galleries in Addis Ababa.


Fabric for sale

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Traditional Clothes:

Ethiopia has a traditional way of producing fabrics and those fabrics are made into different  styles and design. Shiro meda is a neighbourhood in Addis Ababa, where well known market for local fabrics serves customers everyday.  In shiromeda, there are shops, which have different locally made clothes and fabrics of different style for casual wear or for special occasions. The fabrics are made from cotton though small amount of other matterial could be used to make patterns on clothes.

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