Around Addis Ababa in one to two days-list of places to visit

Debre Libanos

Debre Libanos Church and Monastry

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If you don't have have time for a major tour and you can only spend a weekend on tour, there are lots of choices which can take you out of Addis for pleasure.

Addis Ababa has different roads that lead to major reagional cities. Each of them has its own distinctive character and its own attraction site.

To mention some of  the places to visit during the week end:

Debre Libanos- this is a place for the ancient monastery of Debre Libanos. This is the beginning of the true gore country for which the central highlands are renowned.

Mount Menagesha and Menagesha Forest- Mount Menagesha and Mount Wuchacha are located to the west of Addis Ababa. Mt. Menagesha has a shape of an upside down pudding basin. This mountain is climbable.

Ankober - Ankober is founded by Sahle Sellassie, and Menilik II's capital before he moved to Entoto. On a small conical hill there is a renovated and redevolped Menilik's palace.

Mount Furi - is situated to the southwest of Addis Ababa. This mountain gives a view down the Rift Valley. It can be accessed on Butajira road.

Adadi Mariam - there is a church which is of interest considering its form. It lies underground with access down a flight of steps cut into rocks. This chuch has square openings in the wall of rock, which are entrances to the church.

Mount Zuquala - this is a conical mountain with a crater lake atop. Two kilometers across and sixty metres deep, the crater is occupied by a shallow lake. This mountain has a dirt road to walk on or shortcuts can be taken from an easy side. Mt Zuquala is accessible from Debre Zeit/Bishoft and Dukem towns.

Adadi Mariam

Adadi Mariam Church

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Crater Lakes in Debre Zeit/Bishoftu - 45km south of Addis Ababa lies Debre Zeit,  a city with seven lakes in total. Four of the lakes are easily accessible by road. There are rosorts and hotels on the lake side providing beautiful look of the lake and good service.

Langano - the soft brown waters of Langano are set against the blue backdrop of the Arsi mountains. A few birds make Langano their home. There are resorts, vacation club and hotels n the area. There is also a sandy beach at Langano lake.

Wendo Guenet - this town is well known for its hot springs. There is a lodge set in gardens of citrus, palm and pine with a magnificent view from the terrace over the Rift Valley. You will bathe in natural hot springs and there are also swimming pools.

Hawassa -  275km south of Addis Ababa lies a recreational city, Hawassa. There is Lake Hawassa at the side of the city.  Hawassa has well orgainzed resorts on lake side. Fishing and boating are favourite pastimes on Lake Hawassa.


Around Ankober

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Sodere - 120 km from Addis Ababa lies the resort area of Sodere. It is very close to Adama/Nazrate city. Sodere has a hot spring which is used for bathe. There are also swimming pools and accomodations at this resort.

Awash Park - 225 km from Addis Ababa provides you with Fantalle Crater, hot springs, Awash River, Awash River Fall and wild animals.

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