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We can help you book hotel room in Addis Ababa. There are a selection of hotels to choose from in different parts of Addis Ababa. You may like to choose hotels by using the form below.

You may choose from hotels closer to any of the following well known places in the city: Bole international airport, national stadium, Africa Union, UN-ECA, International Livestock Research Institute(ILRI) or in the outskirts of the capital.

There are also hotels with five star rating, four star rating and three star rating.

The first hotel in Ethiopia is called Taitu Hotel. It is named after Empress Taitu Bitul, wife of Emperor Memilik II. This hotel is still providing service at Piazza area in Addis Ababa.

Similary, Emperor Memilik II's old palace at Ankober 130km away from Addis Ababa is renovated and is now called Ankober Lodge. It is also open for service.

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