Internet Connectivity


Internet Service

Internet connection speed is being worked on to upgrade to a faster rate. It is actually a good idea to mention that there are choices in services based on connection speed from Ethio Telecom. There are hotels, which provide internet connection to their customers. There is also an increasing number of internet cafes in Addis Ababa and other cities.

Internet connections could be different at some places because of the service signed up or other cases. These days it is customary to use broadband internet connection in internet cafes at a speed starting at 128kb/s to 3.1 Mb/s.

There are a range of services to choice from Ethio Telecom for personal, home or office use. It is possible to browse the web from GSM mobile phones by using GPRS connection to access the internet. Similarly, it is also possible to sign up for 3G SIM Card and browse a much faster internet connection on your mobile phone. Another alternative is CDMA 1x which gives 154kb/s theoretical connection speed. If you are looking for an internet connection which is faster, EV-Do will be a good choice for internet connection that will support multimedia services for home and small business.

Corporate business and international organizations, however, can subscribe for leased line broadband connections which could give a relatively faster internet connection for different needs.

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