Active Volcano in Ertale, Afar Region, Ethiopia

Erta Ale

Active volcano

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According to, in Ethiopia’s Afar region — where three tectonic plates wrench themselves apart deep underground — molten rock often bubbles up to the surface, sustaining a network of volcanoes and volcanic fissures.

An article on reads that, Erta Ale is one of the most active volcanoes in Africa, and is characterized by a lava lake that has been permanently present during the last few decades, perhaps even since the early 20th century. Its normal activity is characterized by gently bubbling lava and gas, but only since last year the intensity has tremendously increased.

The same article also states that, Erta Ale volcano is part of the Afar depression in Ethiopia, where the African continent is slowly splitting apart and where a new ocean will form in the future.


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