Ras Dashen in Smien Mountain, Northern Ethiopia

Semien Mountain

Semien Mountain

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Ras Dashen rises to 4, 533 meters and the tallest in Ethipia. It forms the tip of the Semien Mountain.

Ethiopia has more mountains than any other country in Africa. It doesn’t have the continent’s highest mountain only its third-highest, Ras Dashen. There are many other mountains in Ethiopia which are almost as high as Mt. Ras Dashen. Ethiopia's mountains are nearly all volcanic in origin, though only a few are actually extinct volcanoes. Mount Ertale in the Afar Depression in the far north east is still active. It is surrounded by other volcanic outcroppings.

Semien mountain National Park encompasses the mountain ranges and protects the endemic animals in the area. Walia Ibex, Gelada Baboon and Semien Fox (Red Fox) are among the endemic animals in the Semien.

Trecking to this mountain is also a popular activity.

Reference: Vertical Ethiopia, Climbing Toward Possiblility in the Horn of Africa

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