Bale Mountains has the second tallest mountain Ethiopia

Bale mountain view

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The Bale Mountains are the second greatest cluster of highlands in Ethiopia. Tullu Dimtu is the second  highest mountain in Bale, Ethiopia, rises to 4,377 meters. Tullu Batu,  rises to 4,307 meters it is also in Bale.

The Bale Mountains are home to many of Ethiopia's endemic animals enclosed in Bale Mountains National Park. The Bale Mountains National Park also contains the Harenna Forest, situated to the south of the mountains.

The National Park offers exceptional trekking opportunities from the park headquarters at Dinsho. (Dodola is also a useful base for exploring these mountains).

The mountain nyala is the most common animal in upland. Bale, along with Ethiopian jackals ( Simien Foxes) and Klip Springs.

Black lake on Bale Mt.

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