Lake Chamo

A fisherman poling across Lake Chamo

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Lake Chamo is adjacent to Arba Minch town at its northwestern edge and the lake's northern end lies in the Nechisar National Park.  It is located in the Great Rift Valley at an elevation of 1,235m ASL. The lake is 26km long and 22km wide. The lake has a surface area of 317km2 and a maximum depth of 13m.

Arba Minch town is at the northwestern edge of the lake.

Lake Chamo is rich in a variety of fishes including tiger-fish, giant Nile Perch, catfish and tilaphia, which offers fine sport. In the bays, a number of hippopotamus emerge at dusk to graze on the grassy shores. Lake Chamo is also sanctuary for several thousand Nile Crocodiles, which are up to 7m in length. Bird life is also enjoyable at the lake. Hordes of yellow wiver birds flit constantly through the trees, and vividly-colored king fishers skim the lake where great white pelicans storks, ibises, hornbills and cormorants plumb the waters for food.

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