Hora, Bishoftu, Babogaya and Kuriftu-Crater lakes in Debre Zeit


Lake Hora

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Lake Hora:

This lake is at an altitude of 1850m ASL and with a maximum depth of 38m and an average depth of 17.5. This lake is also the biggest in town; it covers 1.03km2 surface area. This lake is the oldest developed resort in Debre Zeit. However, it is only conveniently accessible from Ethiopian Air Force Club II in recent days. At this resort there is an open area on the lake side, which gives a clear view of the lake while enjoy the cuisines served. It is also possible to walk on a porch a short distance into the lake, which gives a beautiful view from a closer distance.

Bishoftu at Dusk

Lake Bishoftu:

This is a crater lake enclosed in steep escarpment. There is however a man made opening from a further end of the lake, which is used to drive in cattle to the lake side for water. This lake is situated at an elevation of 1870m ASL. The lake has a maximum depth of 87m and an average depth of 55m. The other alternative to get to the lake from other sides is to walk across the steep escarpement on narrow passage. Some resorts provide a wonderful view of the lake from a top on a terrace. Dreamland Resort and Bishoftu Afaf Hotel are among the developed resorts for a good sight of Lake Bishoftu.


Lake Babogaya:

This lake is on the outskirts of Debre Zeit. This lake has a wide lake side area, which is busy on weekends by visitors. There are currently Hotels serving on the lake side with a magnificent view of the lake. This lake is also very convenient for swimming, fishing and recreation on boat. This lake is on 1870m ASL elevation. It has 0.58km2 surface area. Maximum depth is 65m while average depth is 38m.

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