Abay Gorge (Blue Nile Gorge)

Abay Gorge

Abay river flowing along Abay Gorge

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Abay river follows the Abay Gorge for 500km according to Bryan R Davies and Keith F Walker on thier book, The Ecology of River Systems.

Abay Gorge spans an altitude range of 2500m to 1200m according to Bradt Ethiopia.

There was an old Abay Gorge Bridge, which used to by pass over the gorge. There is a new suspension bridge in place now.

Abay Gorge is a significant landmark, one can have a glance of Abay Gorge while crossing over the brides and driving across the near by terrain.

On the way between Fiche and Debre Markos, you will cross over the Abay Gorge Bride.

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