Sites Waiting to Join World Heritage List by UNESCO


Konso ancestor statue

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Bale Mountains National Park

The Bale Mountains National Park (BMNP) is a protected area of approximately 2,200 km2 and is located 400 km southeast of Addis Ababa in Oromia National Regional State in south-eastern Ethiopia.

Konso-Gardula (paleo-anthropological site)

According to an article from UNESCO, the Konso Paleo-anthropological sites were discovered in 1991. the sites are dated to be between 200,000 and 2,000,000 years old. So far 17 localities are identified. The sites are about 15 kms. long (from North to South) and five kms. wide (from East to West).

Coordinate location of these sites is southern terminus of the main Ethiopian Rift valley. Lat. 5°23'97" N ; Long. 37°21'95" E



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