Meskel (Finding of True Cross) Ceremony in Addis Ababa

Meskel Square

Celebration at Meskel Square, Addis Ababa

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Meskel is the finding of the True Cross. It is celebrated among Christians in Ethiopia. It is marked by burning bone fire and also by religous hymn and different shows organized by youngesters from church school.

Large crowd is in attendance for this festival. Specially at Meskel Square where it is centrally celebrated in Addis Ababa. People start to gather at the square starting from 3:00PM local time to see the shows at the festival. At dusk, special candles tradditionally made from wax called Tuaf is lit. This addes a beautiful spectacular scene accross the mass attending. 

Later during the evening around 7:30 the bone fire is lit and that brings the festival towards conclusion.

Spectators, lighting Tuaf

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The reason the bone fire is prepared is to represent the way the True Cross was found with the help of a somke. It is believed that the smoke guided people of Queen Eleni to the place where part of the Cross was placed.

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