Lalibela Churches

Bieta Giyorgis

Biete Giyorgis Church

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The Lalibela Churches:- these are one of the wonders of the world. According to history,  they were build by Kind Lalibela of the Zagwe Dynasty in 28 years with the help of angels. It is probable, in fact, that they were built over a longer (due to the large number of Axumite architectural features contained in them).

The churches at Lalibela are of two types:-

  • The monolithic – so called because they form a single solid block detached from the surrounding stone and then shaped

  • The hypogenous churches – these are dug out underground – in other words the roof is attached to the main rock still. (Abba Libanos and Biete Mercurios are the two Lalibela churches of this type.

Bete Medhane Alem

Bete Medhane Alem Church

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The churches are built in two groups, with one other (Biete Giorgis) standing by itself, divided by a stream called Yordanos.

Group I -

  • Biete Medhane Alem (the largest)

  • Biete Mariam

  • Biete Meskel

  • Biete Gologotha – Mikael (2 churches)

  • Biete Denghel

Gabrael Rufael

Gabrael Rufael church

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Group II -

  • Biete Ammanuel

  • Biete Mercurios

  • Biete Gabriel - Raphael (2 chruches)

  • Abba Libanos

Finally -

  • Biete Lalibela (shaped like a cross)

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