Homo sapiens idaltu

Homo sapiens idaltu skull

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Homo sapiens idaltu is an extinct subspecies of Homo sapiens that lived almost 160,000 years ago. The fossilized remains of H. s. idaltu were discovered in Herto village, Afar region, Ethiopia.

The ancestral roots of all modern human can largely be traced to people who lived in Africa 100,000 to 300,000 years ago. This skull is evidence that represents the physical roots of modern humanity. Compared to ourselves, its face and jaws are larger, and the bone above the eyes projects forward somewhat. But its brain was as large as ours, and the skull is domed with a high forehead.

The scientific name "idaltu" means "elder" in the Afar language.

Ethiopia: Where it all began.

Reference: and text from a display at The National Museum

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