Ethiopin Traditional Dress

Habesha libs

Traditional Dress

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Habesha Libs:
Ethiopia has traditional clothes that are usually wore on special events and holidays. White fabrics are produced locally in different style. "Habesha Libs" or Habesha Cloth is a combination of dress and 'Netela'. The dress has a colored pattern around its bottom. The netela is put on after the dress. The netela should be with the same patter as the dress. The patterns on netela are put on its two narrow edges. Those clothes are made by "Shemane in Amharic” or weaver.

Habesha Libs is commonly white, but can also be made in different colors. The dress will have the same kind of patterns as on the netela. Patterns on the dress can be put in different orientation; it could be vertical on the front or around the bottom of the dress. Currently, there are choices of Habesha Libs in different colors and styles prepared by designers.

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