Paintings in Ancient Churches

Ura Kidane Mihret

Painting at Ura Kidane Mihret, Lake Tana Island

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Ancient churches of Ethiopia and monasteries on Lake Tana are well known for their traditional religious paintings on their walls, doors, etc.

There is a type of signature in the way figures are represented in those paintings. Remarkable similarity among the paintings is on the proportion, size and shape of eye and nose to the whole face of saints, angels and ordinary human in the pictures. There is also similarity in the selection of color used in the paintings. These criteria could make on tell whether a painting has Ethiopian origin or not. However, those perspectives should not be taken conclusive.

There are some artists whose paintings resemble the style of the traditional paintings from monasteries and ancient churches. Those artists depict a conservative approach to their paintings. However, these pictures could be used to show the social life and other occurrences in present daily life.

It is easy to find more of these painting in art galleries in Addis Ababa and regional towns.

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