Ethiopian Music


Iskista-famous Ethiopian Dance

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There are traditional and modern music played in Ethiopia.

The traditional music is all in all played using traditional musical instruments like: kirar, masinko, washint and kebero. There are "Azmari Bet" traditional clubs, where you could attend a live traditional music played in an entertaining style. At Azmari bet, there is also a dance show along with the live music. It will be an enjoyable experience for anyone interested in tradition, music and culture.

Ethiopian music is introduced to the world through different ways. Ethiopics is a collection of Ethiopian music on CD, which is sold on and also at other places.

The late Tilahun Gessesse is king of Ethiopian Music. He has played music for quite a long time and he also has recorded much music.

Queen of Ethiopian pop music is Aster Aweke. She plays melodies music, which is widely listened.

Teddy Afro is a young artist, who is bringing up Ethiopian music with entertaining styles.

There are also other much respected and loved artists in Ethiopian music industry.

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