Tej (Local Drink Made from Honey )

Tej, Ethiopian Honey Wine

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Tej is the most favorite local drink, which is made from honey. This drink can also be prepared at a house hold level or for commercial purpose. Tej is yellow in color. It is served in special glass called berele.

Tej is served in traditional restaurants, wedding ceremonies and also on holidays.

There is a less alcoholic variant of honey drink called "Birze". Birze is simply made by mixing honey with water and let it ferment for a few days. It will be filtered before serving.

Unlike Birze, tej has strong alcoholic content. This can be attributed to additional materials used in the making process.

An article on Wikipedia states that, tej is mead or honey wine that is brewed and consumed in Ethiopia. It is flavored with the powdered leaves and twigs of gesho (Rhamnus prinoides), a hops-like bittering agent that is a species of buckthorn.

A sweeter, less-alcoholic version called berz, aged for a shorter time, is also made. The traditional vessel for drinking tej is a rounded vase-shaped container called a berele, which looks like a Florence flask. Tej has a deceptively sweet taste that masks its high alcohol content, which varies greatly according to the length of fermentation.

Tej is usually homemade, but throughout Ethiopia it is available in tej bets (literally, "tej houses", or pubs).


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